Ortashi Art Gallery: Quality Difference


For exceptional value museum grade canvas print production, Images are printed at the highest resolution using a custom profile, created on-site to achieve accurate colour and neutral black $ white, images printed using a “Generic” canvas setting produce inaccurate results also cheap canvases are usually printed at lower resolutions for faster drying times.


Canvas Quality and Longevity:

Our canvas is certified “Archival Quality” by the fine art trade guild” it is superior in its exceptional colour reproduction. It does not contain whitening agent unlike cheap canvas, so images remain consistent over time around 100+ years.


Important Note:

Beware of companies that offer very fast turnaround time, canvas needs to “outgas” (water evaporating from the ink during drying) for 24 hours before vanishing.



We use a Museum grade varnish that soaks into the canvas and offer a protection from scuffs and moisture, our matte varnish gives a true matte finish and satin or gloss is an option.


Stretcher Bars:

Stretcher bars are laminated solid pine, they are still light enough to easily hang on a standard picture hooks but are heavier, more robust and have a quality feel opposed to commonly used cheap “Fir Bars”



Canvas is carefully finished with framing tape and felt bumper. They are fitted with a custom steel hanger for use with standard picture hooks.