Modern Art for Sale


Ortashi art Gallery delighted to present Modern art for sale to any lover of art .


High quality original art created using varieties of medium, digital, Oil or acrylic painting method to create my vision, message, emotion into individual art, each and every art is individually painted with intense colours, design and finely graded making every digital artwork unique.


I choose the medium (oils, acrylic, watercolours, mixed media or pixels) to use, and go beyond or "applying an effect" and create art - an individual expression of my vision. Ortashi art gallery offers Modern art for sale in canvas or fine art print, limited edition in variety of styles and colours


Art is not about the tools used to create it. It is about the vision, message, or emotion of the artist medium or tool through which an artist can express his/her vision of line, form, colour, composition and rhythm.


Digital Art falls into three basic categories:  I use digital painting, emulating the traditional technique to create my own unique vision.

The process of laying the ink down on the paper is the moment that the image comes alive as a piece of art. You will find all of our Modern art for sale in variety of medium, stretched canvas, fine art Giclée print with option of framing.


Fine art prints are in much demand for both personal and corporate purposes, representing those things in life that individuals can simply admire and enjoy.


 We offer free delivery in UK. We hope you will find Modern art for sale that is right for you direct from our gallery.